Friday, November 19, 2010

Vote for Mary Ann McQueen Butcher for Nevada Small Business Person of the Year!

Below is the form required for a nomination, I would appreciate your vote for Nevada Small Business Person of the Year (The Top Left Box). If you could fill this out and send back to my office either at or 702-943-3185 I will make sure it gets to NCET.

All votes need be into the office by 11/25 in order to be counted. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you all next year!

SBA/NCET Nomination Form


Please click/circle the very first square on the top left to vote for me.  Thanks in advance.  I look forward to serving you and your company in the now and in the coming year.

SBA 2011 Awards Nomination Initial Contact Form

Please fill out the information below for any individual you desire to nominate.  Please submit all nominations to the Nevada SBA District Offices via fax to 702-388-6469 no later than Friday, November 26, 2010.  We will contact the nominee to begin the process.

Please check the category you are submitting this nomination for (check ONLY one):

X Nevada Small Business Person of the Year            Nevada Small Business Exporter of the Year
Nevada Young Entrepreneur of the Year            Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Bus. of the Year
Nevada Entrepreneurial Success Award                        Financial Services Champion of the Year
Home-based Business Champion of the Year            Minority Small Business Champion of the Year
Women In Business Champion of the Year            Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year
Microenterprise Business Person of the Year            Michael Graham Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
        (Nevada only)                                                                     (Nevada only)

Today’s Date: _______________________

Nominee Name:__________________________________            Phone:_______________________________

Nominee E-Mail (if available): ___________________________________________________________

Nominee  Business or Organization:_______________________________________________________

Your Name:_____________________________________            Phone:_______________________________

Your E-Mail:__________________________________________________________________________

Your Organization:_____________________________________________________________________

May we use your name when we inform the person they are being nominated? ____Yes   ____No

Will you provide the Nominee with a letter of support on your letterhead for their nomination package? _____Yes    _____No

We will contact you within one week to provide an update on this nomination, and the person’s feedback.

FAX TO:  702 943-3185 -- DUE BY THURSDAY, 11/25, 9 PM PACIFIC TIME