Saturday, July 26, 2008

Letterman Is Not The Only One With a Top Ten List

Here’s A List Of Marketing Tips That Are Fun,
Easy And Could Put Money In Your Pocket!

According to the Small Business Administration 600,000 new businesses open every year. Almost as many fail. As you would imagine, most are small companies that are expert in their core businesses but know little about how to market their companies not to mention their management team and the expertise and unique elements they bring to customers

Marketing IS a science and every strategy should have an actionable tactic with a measurable result. I have listed below the basics of what every new and existing small business can do to increase their chances of success by using these low cost tips:

1. Always make customers feel special. People respond to recognition. A great marketer also makes it easy for customers to reach a competent person when they need help with a product or ask questions. Adequate customer support is often your first opportunity to garner loyalty among paying clients. What I am saying here is you can’t think “9-5”.

2. Distribute business cards worth keeping. Real estate agents sometimes affix their photos and information to magnetic calendars. Consider distributing notepads with your tagline and contact info on every page.

3. Stop marketing to unprofitable — or break-even — customers. You don’t have the money, the time or the luxury to chase after clients that simply do not plan to spend their money.

4. Cultivate a robust email database. In the mutable days of "new media," it is easy to forget how effective a direct mailer or e-newsletter can be. Invite customers and clients to open your mail with special offers, useful data or other pertinent information.

5. Improve visibility at trade shows and conferences. It helps to be a (friendly) regular with sticky, fun giveaways that people keep. Be selective: trade shows can be costly.

6. Mix business with pleasure … and charity. Don't underestimate the viral power of hosting a charity softball game in the community. You can do the right thing for others and your company. Yes, that is a “win-win”.

7. If at all possible, create a destination online and offline. Customers gravitate to a pleasant experience. Create a sense of real community with a consistent experience and you will build a loyal clientele.

8. Become an expert in your field. Why not give advice away? As familiarity with your name grows, so too will familiarity with your associated brand, product or service. Blogging, and getting involved with a relevant blogging community, makes this so easy. And definitely encourage syndication of useful content.

9. Build relationships with local media. In smaller markets, this is so easy. In larger markets, you will likely need the help of a solid public relations firm or at minimum, a publicist.

10. Maintain relationships with repeat customers. You’ve heard it all before: It costs less to retain a client than to acquire a new one. Send personal messages and offer opportunities to improve a customer’s experience with you and your company.

There you have it. Hopefully, you can put these tips to use immediately. For more help, contact me at Our new Red Carpet Marketing sm site premieres June 23. Be sure to visit us: Don’t Be the Best Kept Secret! sm

Mary Ann McQueen Butcher
Goddess of Marketing sm

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