Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Less than Three Years...

It's amazing what can happen in three years....the launch of a marketing and PR company in the worst economy since the great one of the hardest hit cities in the country -- Las Vegas.

Two web sites....7 new employees....15 accounts in the last year from entertainment (Tony n' Tina's Wedding) to technology (Anexeon) to restaurants (Cadillac Ranch and Ventano's)....Three offices in less than 12 months due to unprecedented professional affiliations like the Q Business Alliance and the Social Register of Las Vegas...

Then there is the downside....employees who the company had to let go due to inappropriate behavior -- giving away company information....sharing contacts and outright lying to the company and its customers. Totally unacceptable so while their service was appreciated, they had to go.

Another interesting phenomenon is the amount of malice people can have toward another company just because of the new company's success. Maybe if you would concentrate more on your business and less on ours, we not be kicking your butt.

Then there's the "pimping"....Oh how I highly dislike that. Phony potential clients call and ask for a meeting in the hopes of getting free information. A consultation is always free but a plan, tactics, contacts, etc.....not on your life.

This also a good time to mention barter....Do yourself a favor and don't use IMS or ITEX. Instead, barter with a reputable company that has services you want and vice versa.

And events? The ones we produce do not invite the "shrimp munchers" who just come for free food and alcohol.

But for every negative point, RCM & PR is grateful for what it is TODAY: an organization with a filled pipeline, a sharp, honest and customer-service focused staff, great contacts...our friends at David Saxe Productions and our new office on Dean Martin Drive.

Lest I forget, RCM & PR has a new area of practice: marketing to seniors. If you think, this is a small market....please do your research.... Our expertise can help you tap into the boomers, seniors and elderly who have more disposable income than any other group and who spend more time on the web than 18-34 year olds.

Please...Don't Be the Best Kept Secret....Contact us today: 24/7: 702 260-8282

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